what is a wysiwyg anyway?

Perhaps you have seen this spelling before but just figured that it was some kind of odd thing and you just kept on without realizing how important a wysiwyg might be…


Creating a webpage has never been this easy.

Managing content is not that difficult however it can be easier.

In fact if you can type, you can publish a webpage using wordpress.

So how is this possible?

What you See is What you Get, simple right well it is really not as simple as you might think.  HTML which stands for Hyper Text Markup Language has been for the most part a thing that most people do not understand, at one time that was a bad thing because you had to know it in order to create and edit a website.

Enter WYSIWYG, Editing…

Now you do not have to know HTML, but if you ever get to the place where you can read a little about it you might find it of interest more so with the way that html5 is going to slowing change how internet browsers work.

WordPress made that a simple process, or at least you might think it was made so simple that a cave man could do it, the truth is that the editor that comes with wordpress, while good is not perfect, and wordpress itself has a few things that need to be fixed as well.

One of those things is the way that media is used in websites, like video from youtube, and other websites, video, must be embedded, using code, that may not be the preferred methods used by these WYSIWYG editors, in fact some of these editors strip out code that “it feels” is not in the right measure, the only problem is that this takes the decision out of the hands of the user.

So, the most important thing is that you understand that just because you are using an automatic editor, a wysiwyg web editor, that does not mean that what it produces is actually good for your website, so you should have at least some knowledge about how this process works.

Why your editing should be different and why it makes a difference.

One of the more important things about how your website is developed is that it be different, you want to make your website stand out, this is why it is important to develop your website content into a uniquely valuable website, you do that in a number of ways one of the most over looked methods is by producing unique, html code, if you consider that every wordpress website, generates the same html code, then the only thing that is different about most websites is that they have different text.

¬†Content is still king…

Keywords make a difference, along with good content and unique content combining these things together in one unique package now that makes a difference that the search engines and your website visitors will appreciate.