exchanging links

Do you exchange links with other website owners?

How has that worked out for you?

Have you even noticed any of those backlinks at all?


Is there a way you can develop a better back linking strategy?

Many times there are a lot of publishers that talk about how important backlinks are but
do they really work at all or are they only a small part of a larger plan of SEO optimization.


Perhaps you may have seen websites advertising how backlinks can get your website
ranked higher in the search engines, and perhaps you have tried it out but it did not
work out the way they claimed it would.


Why back links may not work the way that many SEO Gurus would like
you to think they do…

Does exchanging links really work at all for SEO value?

When you post on comments does it really do any good?

SEO, is a fast changing world of high stakes where the payoff is in traffic that your website might be missing out on.

Backlinks has been touted by the Gurus as the single best way to increase your search engine traffic, however is that really accurate? The answer is both yes and no, a conditional yes, if you will, the condition that must be met in order for this to be true is, content, you must have original well written content in order for back links to really add up to additional traffic otherwise you will end up with a situation that defies the logic of the gurus.

The main idea is to find good back linking partners, that benefit your business however this is really hard to find, because so many people do not really understand how to make it work. back linking is more of an art and a science at the same time.

Linking and SEO

You can use Link exchanges and it can be very helpful in building valuable business contacts and getting better rank with search engines. However many of the link exchange websites are either not good for your websites SEO, and perhaps might even damage your websites ranking.

Patterns develop over time when you look at how a published website looks to search engines.

When you start to use keywords in your content how do you write them into your content or are they a separate part of your writing process?