Editors tools

When you are editing content formatting is important it is becoming more important to the website owner to be able to manage and develop content as quickly and as easily as possible.

The interesting thing is that for the most part tools that are in use today are backwards and just do not help the website owner with the tasks they need to be able to focus on.


So were saying that soon were going to be like the people in this movie?

Content is easy, better content takes more time

WordPress products are hot with millions of wordpress websites out there the one thing that is the same for just about all of them is something that few realize can make a big difference in how well your website actually works.

Some of these products are actually not bad, you can get hand written content that is original and unique for as little as a few dollars, some as low as three bucks.

You might even spend $5 bucks and get a nice article at fiverr.com

The thing is to really get a better website ranking and more traffic, you need to be able to do that every day, day after day after day, at least in the beginning.

That way the search engines come to your website more often.

In fact you might be surprised to learn that Google will visit your website just about every day…

Developing great content is not that hard even if you cannot write a whit, you can still publish like a pro.

What you see can make a difference

We live in a world where everything is visible and invisible at the same time, you can look at a website and think hey there is a cool website but then you look at the same website on a mobile device and it looks horrible.

Developing content that is different is a good thing.

Why use a cookie cutter approach to building a business, sure it works for a few people but we cant all own a subway shop and if everyone did you would soon find that you no longer like to eat there.

Its the same thing with the color of cars, what if every car were the same color?

It would be pretty boring right?

Well, imagine that your a search engine, forget about thinking that people run the search engine because that is simply just not true.

People do not run Google, Computers run Google.

Because were just humans and we cannot figure out how to hold the billions of megabits of data that websites represent.

Because of this truth, if your website does not stand out as different your fighting an uphill battle.

Seriously, something as simple as a drag and drop website builder can reveal a pattern that a search engine can easily detect and then take an action.

That action might be to ignore your website.

Think that might be a problem, your right it is, this is why drag and drop builders are just a bad idea.

Checkout this website for information on how you can learn to build your own website and finally free yourself from the slavery of bad websites.

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What is different about your website?

Do you have a great website?

What makes a website good anyway, this one is dull, nothing fancy, so what really does make a website good or bad?


Think about it, everything depends on how you look at this website.

Does it make you think about anything at all?

Or is it just a blank wall…

Do you know what is really valuable in a website?

The truth about website content is not really how pretty it is…

It is not about how many flying banners or how many popups you might see.

It is not about advertising…

What a website should be about is meeting the needs of the website visitor.

That may mean only text, it might mean a few images.

When your dealing with an increasing mobile world then this website would be a good place to visit, because its simple and its easy to read.

When you are looking for information that you can consume and read then less is more.

Do you know what really works

Every day we see promotions and advertisements that claim to provide the best and fastest SEO page ranking or they promise to get your on page one in 30 seconds or less…

Imagine that, a trick where you can rank one page at the top of the search engines….


But wait, is that really true?

Sure, its possible, but guess what they don’t tell you about this neat little trick…

It will only last for a short while…

Only a moment or two then guess what happens, Yep, you got it, you got right down to the bottom of the heap…

The truth is that when you try to trick and or game the system you will end up worse off then you are right now.

Save your money, stop buying into these tricks and scams where you try to game the system.

If you just play by the rules you can do so much better.

Why Different is better.

There is a mantra that you tend to see in society, the idea that everything should be the same but thats just not realistic and ordinary at all.


Different is good…


What would happen if you had the same thing to eat every day and every night…

  You would quickly get tired of that, right?

Sure that’s just the way it works, If it were true then you would only have one place to eat, but there are many places to eat and its that reason why different is better.


Block content management

How do you read content when you are online or offline for that matter?

Think about it do you read it all at once?


Not really, you read it one section at a time, perhaps its time to start managing your content that way too.

Imagine what might happen if you were to find a way to manage content in a very innovative manner.

Ok what is block content anyway well its really just what it sounds like its a block of content that you can manage separately usually this means that you can use a method of managing that content in a CMS or Content Management System.


If you think about a website as a box with lots of smaller boxes in a container then you can begin to conceive of how your website should look and how you can manage each section of your website layout.


So often in this very busy world we find that there are a lot of different methods of producing content online.

So when your developing your website content do you find that you often need to navigate all over the admin section to begin to manage your content?


The way that wordpress manages content is sort of well for lack of a better analogy its like building your home out of sand, you have a great foundation but when you begin to build on that sand your going to be in for trouble eventually ruin.


The one thing that all wordpress websites have in common is the editor but for many people using a different editor is not an option due to the many plugins that have buttons that are integrated with the editor.


The wordpress editing process is not a good one, at least not to date, while Tiny MCE is not bad it is not really up to the same high standards as we have come to expect from the other sections of wordpress.


Yes its free and yes we should not look a gift horse in the mouth but its hard sometimes when you go to edit text and you find that all the formatting that you did the last time you posted is not there.


You get a little more startled when you learn that due to the way that wordpress works you now have a situation where the software will not allow you to edit and use certain types of HTML constructs because its not considered main stream…

Pardon me but why is it that we cannot use an iframe tag if it is what we want to use…

That bothers me because it seems a little ignorant.

So, were working on a method of developing block content management to free you from the evil of stupid PHP files that wipe out your hard work because they dont see things the same way you see your website.



Design and development

Creating a design is all about how you manage your data,
it used to be different but now it has changed.

WordPress themes are not the same as they were even two years ago.  Now most themes are making use of widgets to control various portions of each wordpress website.

This is the trend that we have seen over the last year, and now even more indications are becoming clear that a multi level approach to content management is something that has to be developed over time.

Think about it this way, the multiple level approach is built upon a solid
foundation of hardened content.

Once you create that foundation of content you then can build a layer of programming on top of that content, then you build a widget to apply yet another layer of content this builds up your website into something more than just a series of articles it creates a faceted environment that can and will appeal to a more intuitive customer base.

Building upon that foundation and then creating more content is something that many website owners  do not really fully understand you can see it in the way they create that content and how they manage their websites.

You can see it in how their websites are valued among search engines.

I have noticed that in many cases when I am approached by an SEO firm to purchase services, the first thing I look at is how much success have they achieved in terms of SEO value, if my website is more highly valued than their website is and they are the ones that are offering SEO services, then I know right away that what they are offering is not of much value if any at all.







finding the right way forward

When your looking at all the changes that are occurring everywhere online you have to consider the possibility that there are going to be situations where, the old way to doing things no longer works.


The problem is that many people just throw up a webpage and they think that is all there is to running a website, its not their fault really because they have been sold a “bill of goods” about how easy it is to profit from building a website the truth is much different.


There are so many things that go into a successful website besides the design and the content.

Yet most of the time these products that are sold that try to educate the public on how to produce and develop a website fail to address some of the most simple concepts, the reason for this is that most of the people writing these guides are not professionals, they do not understand how to run a website because they never have run a website.


This leaves us wondering why people try to become an overnight expert without having any real experience in running and operating a website.

Its funny in a way but not funny at all to those people who try to follow these flawed guides and then fail to figure out what they have done wrong, many of them quit and never try again they have the incorrect impression that they have tried and then failed.

They tell their friends and family that trying to make money online is for fools and idiots.

In some ways this is good for those of us who do well online, it reduces the competition but over all the truth is that there is plenty for everyone or at least those that are determined to do more than just try once or twice and then say that the grapes are probably sour, (a reference to Aesop’s fables)

Most people will not reveal their trade secrets its just not part of the plan they want to make money selling information but they do not want the competition that a legitimate plan might bring.

The days of doing this kind of thing are not long, in fact there are more and more of these issues that are going to be very closely scrutinized by our leaders, mostly because they seek to control the internet, however when you look at these kinds of things you have to agree that something must be done.

What is enough and what is too much may be up to debate however the truth is that until you find someone that will give you the right information at the right time you are going to have a difficult time in managing your online efforts.

Just remember one simple thing and you can maximize your efforts with less work, if there are thousands of people doing the same thing with the same thing, what can you offer that will make what your offering any different, because if your doing the same thing that everyone else is also doing how can you hope to profit?

Do it different and that is the one thing that will make a difference in how you perform and how you succeed online.